If you have a puncture in your tyre, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a  very competitive rate on puncture repairs including VAT and wheel balancing :

Standard steel wheel £5.00

Alloy wheel / van wheel £7.50

Alloy wheel 19″ and above £10.00

Travelling on an improperly repaired tire is dangerous and can create further damage. An incorrectly repaired tire may fail when driven at a high speed, causing loss of vehicle control.

When considering repairing a punctured tire, you need to evaluate the damage the tire has sustained. Reestablishing an airtight seal of the tire’s interliner and completely filling the path of the puncture is necessary to ensure a proper repair.

Any repair attempt without removing the tire from the wheel is not proper procedure. It’s important to inspect the inside of the tire for hidden damage that may cause the tire to weaken even more. Punctures in the tread area that look repairable often prove to consist of more damage to a greater area of the tire, including the sidewall from the inside. Without removing the tire, the entire scope of the damage is hard to see.

Proper tire repair is critical, and any leak, puncture, or injury to a tire will affect its performance. If you have any questions regarding the condition of your tires, ask us and we’ll be glad to inspect them for you. If you have a damaged, punctured, or leaky tire which can be safely fixed, we can help.

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The happy tyre man first opened in 1997 selling new and quality part used tyres. Over 15 years on, we are still here offering the very best service and value for money possible.
We like to think that the success of our business is due to the friendly service we offer and the quality of our tyres we sell, we have one of if not the best testing procedure for part worn tyres around.
From hand inspection of each individual tyre at point of purchase to inflating them on our purpose built pressure testing machine to ensure they are safe for reuse.
We have just installed the latest Hoffmann tyre changers and wheel balancers to ensure the best possible care can be given to your wheels and tyres.

We believe in offering genuinely affordable prices you probably won’t find anywhere else.

All part-used tyres are fully tested and guarantee.

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All our prices include fitting, balancing and VAT.